Community Action Plan

The Community Action Plan summarises communitry views about: Lochgelly - the community now, the vision for the future of Lochgelly, the issues that matter most to the community, the priorities for projects and actions. The plan will be used as a guide for the Lochgelly community to try and make happen over the next 5 years. The Action Plan has been informed by extensive community engagement carried out over a six-month period from March - August 2015.

Community Themes

Through extensive public consultation key themes were identified that encompass the priorities for action within the Lochgelly community.

Lochgelly Community Action Plan - Brochure

Theme 1: Community Activities and Facilities

Residents identified the lack of a community centre and dedicated youth facilities as the highest priority under this theme.

Theme 2: Environment & Heritage

The number one priority for action is the upgrade of local parks and play facilities.

Theme 3: Infrastructure

The main priority for residents was for the improvement of health provision services in the local area.

Theme 4: Sustainable Lochgelly

Residents wish to see improved shopping opportunities in the local area.


Are you a locally based group seeking to improve Lochgelly? Are you a resident wanting to improve the local area? Why not look at the Lochgelly Community Action Plan to see if you can help to improve the local community and get help and support to develop your project! Many HELPING HANDS make light work!

Community Action Plan (PDF)

Key Stages

To develop the Lochgelly Community Action Plan, key stages were required to be met to allow the project to progress. The project is at Key Stage 6 whereby a robust Community Action Plan has been distributed, that can then be utilised by residents and community groups to seek change within the Lochgelly area through the development of community projects, and applying public pressure on local representatives (Fife Council, Councillors, Lochgelly Community Council) for action.

Key Stage 1: Steering Group

A public meeting was held to inform residents of the opportunity to become involved in the Project. Representatives from Community groups as well as individuals with an interest in Lochgelly signed up.

Key Stage 2: Engaging Lochgelly

Surveys were distributed to households in Lochgelly and were provided online; stakeholder meetings with local groups and businesses have been held. We wanted everyone in the community to have their say.

Key Stage 3: Feedback Analysis

Data collected from the online surveys, household surveys, surveys distributed during the Lochgelly Gala and stakeholder meetings were collated to identify common themes which identified key priorities.

Key Stage 4: Public Meeting to identify Priorities

Results of consultations were put on display at a well publicised public event held at Lochgelly Town Hall, to allow local residents the opportunity to vote for their priority projects and actions.

Key Stage 5: Community Action Plan formation

All information collected from the votes and feedback left, was pulled together into an Action Plan document, published as a magazine, made available online, and distributed in the Lochgelly area.

Key Stage 6: Planning into Action

The Action Plan will be a guide for the work of community groups over the next 5 years and will be evidence of community need and support for priority projects for funders and partner organisations.


Our small gallery captures areas of Lochgelly that were identified (either as a positive or negative) during the public consultations, as well as providing a snapshot of the community events that were held as part of the process.

Public Meeting

Public information and voting day

Public Meeting

Public information and voting day

Public Meeting

Public information and voting day

Public Meeting

Public information and voting day

Public Meeting

Public information and voting day

Public Meeting

Public information and voting day


Timmons Park


Lochgelly Town House


Cook Square


Train Station


Timmons Park

Public Meeting

Public inforation and voting day


Lochgelly High School


Ore Valley Business Centre


Lochgelly Main Street


Welcome to Lochgelly sign

Steering Group

The Community Learning Development department within Fife Council held a public meeting on 26th November 2014 to seek a partnership between residents and community groups that will be responsible for leading a project that will engage with the Lochgelly community, to identify local positives and negatives, for the formation of a local Community Action Plan, that can be used to develop short/medium/long term projects for the benefit of residents, as well as provide Lochgelly with a robust document that can be utilised to seek improvements within our town.

Community Learning & Development

The project is entirely community led, with support provided by the Community Learning & Development section of Fife Council's Corporate & Community Development Service. The Community Education Workers will also provide additional support such as advice and guidance, when and if needed, to secure additional funds, and/or form new constituted groups, so that the community identified results within the Action Plan can be addressed for the benefit of Lochgelly.

Steering Group Members

  • Rhona Gibbons
  • Nancy Niemczyk
  • Christine McGrath
  • Karen Harper
  • Elizabeth Wilson
  • Helen Ross
  • Daniel Pratt
  • May King
  • Marie Ross
  • Dodd Kinell
  • George Elder
  • James Glen

Some Facts

The Local Community Planning Budget provided an initial fund of £28,000 to help kick start short term projects identified by Lochgelly residents in the Community Action Plan. The project also recieved in-kind support from residents, Ore Valley Housing Association, Community Learning Development, Lochgelly Community Development Forum, and Loch of Shining Waters.


Priorities for Action

The Key Priorities identified by residents were split into four distinct categories. Local groups were then invited to submit applications for funds to tackle identified issues under one of the key priorities.

  • 1st theme
    Activities & Facilities
  • Develop a Community Centre with dedicated youth facility
  • Activities for children & families
  • Activities for older people
  • Co-ordination, promotion and information
  • Results for Theme 1
  • 2nd theme
    Environment & Heritage
  • Upgrade parks and play facilities
  • Preserve Lochgelly's heritage
  • Improve the built environment
  • Maintain green spaces and core paths
  • Results for Theme 2
  • 3rd theme
    Lochgelly Infrastructure
  • Improve health service provision
  • Improve railway station
  • Smarten appearence of town
  • Improve and repair roads and pavements
  • Increase social/affordable housing
  • Results for Theme 3
  • 4th theme
    Sustainable Lochgelly
  • Improved shopping opportunities
  • Local economy & jobs
  • Results for Theme 4

Projects Funded

Residents were invited to an Open Day at the Lochgelly Town Hall to view the identified priorities for action, and vote on which groups should recieve funds to deliver local projects that help improve the Lochgelly area, in line with the priorities identified by residents.



Lochgelly South Parents Teacher Association



Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights



Lochgelly West Primary School Parents Council



33rd Fife (Lochgelly) Scout Group



Growing In Lochgelly



Lochgelly & Benarty: St Serfs Parish Church



Lochgelly Heritage Group

Get in Touch

If you want further information please contact the Lochgelly Community Development Forum who are kindly acting as a signpost agency on behalf of the steering group.

Community Action Plan (PDF)

Contact Info

c/o Lochgelly Community Development Forum
Unit 2, OVHA Business Centre,
Main Street, Lochgelly
P: 01592 786 706 or 01592 783 442